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Ben Allen

Building a Worthy Birdhouse

The fence wouldn't be quite complete without a nice birdhouse to adorn it.

The initial design after researching what might be the right size house for house finches. I suspect that English Sparrows will be the lucky occupants, but we'll see.


I built it with one hinged side so that after each season I can clean out the debris from nests.


The house is built from some reclaimed oak left in the basement from pulling apart and rebuilding some old damaged cabinetry in the dining room years ago. It's thick and heavy and should be the most sturdy house for birds for miles.


The roof gets added. I used an angle that mirrors the house.


A little copper plate is added to the roof for interest and weatherproofing.


There are ventilation holes near the peak of the house on the back and drainage holes in the corners underneath.


Brrr! This shot is from way before nesting begins in spring.