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Ben Allen

Before and After

As more shots become available I'll post more after shots.

Birds love moving water and after I first started the bubbling fountain my bird watching improved immensely as they came for a drink and a bath. Here there are robins, sparrows, goldfinches and a yellow bellied sapsucker all enjoying a late morning dip and bath.



A late winter snow covered the garden. Still a bit early to refill the reservoir and start the fountain.


After removing all the ragweed and ever-spreading flox (among a whole hodgepodge of weeds) I shaped the edge of the flower bed with a garden hose and then sprinkled flour along it to mark the edge. Then the digging began to remove the sod.


The sod has been removed, but the rocks remain. I later contact Loki's Garden to take the rocks away. They had the right kind of vehicle and many strong backs to get it done.


roof view

A view from the roof when I was cleaning gutters.